Hello, I’m Stacey Jae Hee Jang, from South Korea, living at Los Angeles, California.
I'm an UX/UI designer, but I want to call myself "Liveliness Creator".
I want to help people improve their experiences, behaviors and quality of their life to create a more enjoyable feeling. .

Fall 2016 – December 2018

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA
Interaction Design 

2013 – Spring 2016 

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA
BFA Graphic Design (March 2017)

Namseoul University, South Korea
BFA Graphic Design


Honda Sponsored Project

Worked in a group of 3 people(one Transportation student, one Interaction student, and I was Graphic/Interaction student)  in Honda Sponsored Project class. Designed interior concept for 2035 Acura Sport Sedan, and my focus was working on the cluster concept UI design. 

APEX (Product system with website that enhances track driving) 

Worked in a group of 4 people in the design studio class for interaction design for physical devices. Created product system that driver can mount on the dashboard and wear, and also desgined website that is one of the APEX system. 


Internship at Blizzard Entertainment

14 weeks UX/UI design internship, worked in a game site team of Web & Mobile department at Blizzard Entertainment. Collaborating with UX Research team, worked on web solution for new players.

Internship at Honda R & D Americas, Inc.

15 weeks internship, worked in a HMI team at Honda R&D. Worked for UI design for cluster or center screen inside of the car and UX research.

Graphic Designer at BCG Korea: Graphic Design Agency, South Korea  

Worked in a team of 10 people in the design department work for promotional marketing for foreign countries. Created editorial design works like brochure, leaflet, poster, book, POP design and etc using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. 

Graphic Designer at Han Kyung M&M: Publication company, South Korea 

Worked in a small design team of 5 people. Worked for a magazine called RICHE, which is a luxury magazine for VIP room in financial institution or other companies and also published a newspaper called Shi Jang for the people work at traditional market place for every two weeks. 

Art instructor at Art4m: Art Academy, South Korea

Taught teenagers practical skills such as how to draw and paint using various materials and how to come up with the idea for some subjects at a private art institute specializing college entrance exams. 

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
After Effects, Cinema 4D
HTML, CSS, Processing

UX / UI design, Brand identity design, Visual design,
Editorial design, Motion graphics

Drawing and painting

Fluent in Korean, proficient in English.


P. +1 (213) 703-3989           E. [email protected]

L. Pasadena, California         W. www.staceyjhj.com