In 1995, a tragic accident occurred in Korea. It was the Sampoong Department Store collapse, which was also reported by foreign media, as well. I was inside the building when half of the building collapsed. I witnessed the structural failure with my own eyes and I managed to evacuate from the building most dramatically. Lives of several hundred people ended in a moment of time. However, I, who miraculously survived, got to think about how precious one’s life is. I dreamed of sharing the value of life and human being through my works one day. Through this incident, my passion and dream for art and design became bigger and bigger. 

Organ transplant encouraging Poster & CD jacket 

Collage work was done on images of what I would want to do and what I could after being transplanted with an organ and my feelings before being transplanted with the organ if I would be in the position of a patient transplanted with an organ. Taking notice of the fact that organ transplants can be also regarded as a sort of ‘recycling’, the texture of paper boxes that are recycled and the fact that the organ to be transplanted will be shown in the box if the box is opened was shown.   

Numerous women become to neglect their health for their appearance. Recently, many products for appearance such as kill heels and many kinds of body type correcting underwear have become available and used by numerous women. These products cause various kinds of diseases. The destruction of bodies by acts for appearance was expressed by cracking stones.

Everything has its price

Illustrations in the posters are done by hand.

In Korea, an actress suicided due to sexual bribes to bring about a great social impact. This was a few years ago, but still it's pretty big issue in Korea. Recently, another list came out revealing more names of female celebrities that were involved in similar situations.

Stand Against Sexual Bribery

3D illustration – This is a three-dimensional work that used an analog television. Each of the men is angling for actresses appearing in the television. The men are mainly from high classes and thus they are all in Western clothes and are making grotesque and funny facial expressions. The television has been violently imprinted men’s palms. This work expressed that although actresses on the red carpet in the television are quite gorgeous, dreadful things are happening in the world outside the television.

Magazine – Taking notice of the fact that as high percentage as 19% of female entertainers have been forced to provide sexual bribes, this work was edited and designed into a total of four pages in a fashion magazine style. A loud red color and images were used to add impacts. In inner pages, a male devil on a scale expressed as a silhouette, a woman in her underwear and naked women who lowered their heads covered by films were expressed. The cover and the last page were covered by red films and thus only the white number 19 is clearly visible when it is seen at first. However, when the films have been tuned, the images and remaining letters become more clearly visible.